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Isn't using The Nemko System™ cheating?

Of course not, it’s just like buying a Fantasy Football magazine…only far more useful.

How does The Nemko System™ work?

Using our custom created statistical program, you are Guaranteed to make the best choice every round.

How do I get a date with the SBG Girls?

First buy The Nemko System and win your Super Bowl, then we’ll talk.

What if more than two people buy it?

If more than two people in your league are using The Nemko System then prepare for the most exciting season of your fantasy career.

Am I able to use my own rankings?

Unfortunately, your rankings won’t work. The Nemko System needs to use it’s own projected stats to GUARANTEE your success.

Is The Nemko System™ difficult to use?

The Nemko System is extremely easy to use, essentially point and click.

Is this System for beginners or experts?

The Nemko System is for both beginners and experts. It allows for the beginners to instantly close the learning gap while giving the experts that extra boost to make it to the Super Bowl.

How is this different from the experts?

The Nemko System is a statistical based program that takes all emotion out of the draft process ensuring you make the best selection each and every round. “The experts” approach is based specifically on emotional attachments to players which cloud’s their judgment when it comes to those crucial mid-round picks.

What about PPR/NON PPR leagues?

We have both Standard scoring and PPR scoring available